Staleys Chicago Italian Dining

Campiones Taste of Chicago

A Delicious Upgrade in Marketing

Staleys Chicago Italian Dining (formally Campiones’ Taste of Chicago) is a local favorite in Goodlettsville. Patrons come here for the atmosphere, nostalgia and, of course, the food. The owner reached out to me because he wanted the quality of his marketing to match the quality of his food.

I built a new website, did a few food photography shoots, designed several ads, and created illustrations that nod to the Chicago Bears logo.

Soon after taking over the business, the new owner decided to rebrand to Staleys Chicago Italian Dining. I was then asked to spearhead this new branding effort with a new logo and a new website.

Since Staleys started working with Christopher Gunn Creative, they have increased their business to the highest foot traffic it has ever been up to this point and they have won several awards not just in Goodlettsville, but in Sumner County.

Staleys Homepage computer mockup
Staleys website on an ipad against a dark background
Campiones Chicago Bear Inspired Illustrations

"Since redoing our website not only has our business increased, but we've won lots of awards."

Part of our success has been sending people to our website to see beautiful photography of our food, a great website that is mobile responsive, and all of the marketing we are doing. Christopher has helped us with all of it and it looks beautiful and it's most definitely working.
Tom Shukas
Staleys Chicago Italian Dining

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