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I'm Christopher Gunn and I'm a lover of ideas (or solutions) and their execution in the real world, particularly when those ideas bring amazing results to clients. Great ideas don't just happen, you have to put in the prep work. It takes a solid process to bring out the greatness and that is where I shine. Check out my portfolio below to see how I have helped others.
I have a wide range of services that can help you generate sales for your business including: all forms of print design (logos, brochures, etc), web design, 3D Animation, and Consultation. Send me an email with your job specs and we can talk about what services are best for you.

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It’s Time for a Break

The busy time of the year is here and getting busier. I’ve got some great ideas to share with you, but I’m going to take some time off to handle the hectic season. I will start back up sometime after the New Year. I’ve got a couple of interviews in the works as well as […]


Risks in Business – Go Ahead, I Dare You

Anything and everything you do has a risk and/or a benefit. Any business consists of a series of weighing risks versus benefits for decisive actions. For a new business owner, this can be a scary reality, but take comfort in the saying that it’s not only okay to fail, it’s necessary for success. In fact, […]

creative machine

How to Become a Non-Stop Creative Machine

Photo Credit howzey Many of us live our lives like robots; we push our routines and attempt to execute our tasks with rapid precision for long stretches of time. But unlike a robot’s unwavering power source, we neglect a proper boost in energy. Our reserves are replenished by sparse sleep and energy drinks or other […]


What Savages Can Teach You About Uncultured and Unlimited Success

There is a certain magic with new designers – the ignorance of the rules, the endless motivation, the fearless approach to trying new things – it can make a seasoned designer jealous and yearn for the drive of early career enthusiasm. I like to think of these new designers as noble savages. Civilization Vs the […]


The Secret of the Eureka! Moment

Feature Credit: Affendaddy Do you remember the story about Isaac Newton discovering gravity while sitting under an apple tree? How about Jimi Hendrix scribbling the lyrics to Purple Haze on a napkin? These are just a couple of examples of the Eureka! Moment in action. Don’t be fooled – creative inspiration often wears the guise […]

change is your enemy

Why Change Is Your Enemy

We all know them – the person who hates change so much that they complain about the even the smallest inconveniences. When protocol changes, they panic and complain with pessimistic undertones. Despite their complaints, there is actually something that can be learned from their mindset. If they just shifted their perception slightly and channeled their […]


How to Beat the One Thing that Could Ruin Your Creative Career

Last week we took a trip to the black and white world of Allen Hollingshead and his amazing work, outlook, and general supply list. If you missed this interview with the photo realist, I strongly suggest you check it out. This week I’d like to explore a theme that resonates between Allen’s fidelity to the limited […]


The Patience of a Photo Realist: An Interview with Allen Hollingshead

  Photorealistic Portraiture and Art Today’s interview is with the artist Allen Hollingshead. I had the pleasure of working alongside Allen in several advanced classes back in the old days of college. Now years later, Allen has moved on and made advancements in his life and works. Allen is what you would call a photo […]

30 birthday

What Everyone Ought to Know About Resistance and Perseverance

Today is my birthday. I thought many times about doing an easy post full of great pictures or graphic design inspiration, but then I remembered why I’m doing this in the first place; I want to become better at what I do and I believe writing is one way to figure out how to do […]

Creative Outlet One Man Band

How to Avoid Burnout with a Creative Outlet

The Setup You land your dream job. You get along with your coworkers and your boss is awesome. Things are basically going perfect and you are walking on clouds as soon as you toss your lunch into the company refrigerator every day, but then something happens. It may be a year or two later, but […]

Ptolemy's Map of the Ancient Greek and Roman World

How to Conquer the Known World

You don’t mess with the Romans. These guys knew how to capitalize on their strengths and use things creatively to their advantage. Learn from them and use their methods in your own creative life. Photo Credit Norman B. Leventhal Map Center 1. Honing the Craft The first thing the Romans are known for is their […]